CEREC Dentistry

Introducing World Class CEREC Dentistry… in the heart of County Galway.

What is CEREC…?

An aesthetic porcelain or ceramic dental crown, bridge, inlay/onlay, etc. in just one visit! 

CEREC means the dentist prepares your tooth and creates, on site and while you watch, a beautiful and durable ceramic restoration that is permanently fitted all in one appointment. 

You come in for your appointment to fix your tooth at Abbeytrinity Dental Practice, and you walk out a while later with a lovely new crown.


Consider the following scenario…
Let’s say you break a tooth, the day before your wedding, or an interview for a new job, and it can only be fixed with a new crown.  Even on an ordinary day, it’s a really big deal, isn’t it? 

Before CEREC:
At the first appointment, you would have your tooth prepared for the new crown, have local anaesthetic, have impressions made, and have a temporary crown made. 

Then you would have to go to your wedding or interview wearing a temporary crown that just doesn’t look great, because after-all, it’s just temporary resin.  You would have to continue to wear the temporary crown for a few weeks until the new crown is ready. Far from ideal. 

In the meantime a dental technician in a ceramic lab off site is making your crown according to the dentist’s instructions. 

Then, when your crown is returned from the lab you have to take more time off work for the second appointment to fit the new crown, and have a second local anaesthetic to have the crown fitted.  If it fits, and looks good it is cemented permanently, if not it goes off to the lab again for another couple of weeks… sometimes it takes that long to get it perfect.

Well, not anymore, because now we have CEREC!

The benefits of CEREC to you…

What our patients say about their Abbeytrinity CEREC experience…

‘Dr. John - My new crown is a tribute to you.  A job truly well done.   Your crown making machine is the best application of computer CAD, imaging and mechanical engineering I have seen in 30+ years.’

‘I had two crowns fitted in the early 1980's. Although still functional, the fit and colour match left a lot to be desired.  Abbeytrinity Dental Practice performed a full mouth examination and recommended that I get them replaced.  I had the first crown replaced and am delighted with the work, the shape of the new crown, the fit and the colour matching are far better than the first crown. The new crown matches the thickness of my teeth perfectly. The technology in use at Abbeyrtrinity for crown making is truly state of the art permitting a crown to be manufactured and fitted in a morning. Well done to John, Catherine and the team in Abbeytrinity!’                          T. Reaney

Now crowns are so easy with CEREC, call 093-60333 to book your appointment today!

Want to know more?  Into the technology bit?  Then read on…

What is CEREC technology?

CEREC stands for CEramic REConstruction, and the CEREC system consists of a chair-side 3D Acquisition Centre and a CAD-CAM CEREC Milling Unit.  This system is used to produce high quality, aesthetic, durable precision porcelain or ceramic restorations.

CAD-CAM stands for Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacture, and applications of this type of technology are used all over the world where precision is an absolute requirement, from fields as diverse as mechanical engineering  to medical devices, and more recently dentistry.

How does CEREC work?

Within the chair-side 3D Acquisition Centre is a small intra-oral 3D Video Camera and a medical grade computer with state-of-the-art 3D software.  

The dentist scans your teeth and mouth with the 3D camera and, using the latest 3D ‘video-stitching technology, these images are turned into a 3D ‘Digital Impression’ by the amazing software in the Acquisition Centre computer.

Then the dentist uses the design application of the software to create the most suitable type of restoration for your tooth.

The final design is sent to the CAD-CAM CEREC Milling Unit.   In the milling unit a ceramic block that has been selected specifically for you to give the best aesthetics and durability is milled by rotating diamond burs exactly to the shape designed by the dentist using the software.

Where it is desirable, the dentist can even match your own natural dental characteristics by scanning your mouth prior to preparing your teeth.  The software can then create a ‘Bio-copy’ just for you, resulting in very natural looking restorations that blend seamlessly into your smile.

The final milled restoration can then be glazed and stained artistically to mimic the natural enamel and dentine structure of your teeth.

What kinds of restorations can CEREC be used to make?

Nearly anything that you can make out of dental porcelain/ceramic and resins!  The list is growing all of the time as different materials and techniques are developed for use with the CEREC system.

Currently we can provide the following types of restorations quickly and reliably using the CEREC system:

Please note that the use and provision of CEREC is subject to patient suitability, patients must be in good dental health and a dental examination or assessment is usually necessary before an individual treatment plan can be made.

We have been providing CEREC dentistry since August 2012.  We have been so impressed with the technology that in March 2013 we made a further investment and upgraded to the newest version of the CEREC Acquisition Unit with the CEREC Omnicam.   The first unit of its kind in Ireland, we no longer need to spray the messy contrast medium used to acquire images with the older CEREC Blucam.  We can simply dry your prepared teeth and scan, no fuss, just streamlined, comfortable dentistry.