Denture Repairs

At our dental lab we provide same-day denture repairs, tooth replacements, tooth additions and denture relines among many other services.

Our on-site denture laboratory is unique in the west of Ireland. It allows face to face communication between the patient, the dental technician and the dentist. This facilitates the production of excellent quality dentures. In addition, new dentures can be produced much more quickly.

Having your dentures repaired here, in Tuam, at our convenient dental lab saves you time, cost and stress!

Have you got an important social occasion on the horizon, or you would just like to have a set of stained dentures ‘spring cleaned’?

We also provide a ‘while you wait’ professional denture cleaning service.

What should I do if I break my denture?

·        Try to gather all the broken parts, rinse them in cold water (put the plug in the sink first!), wrap them all together in some dampened tissue, and put them into a sealed container or clear plastic bag.

·        Call us as soon as you can so we can book your denture repair in for you.

·        Please do not attempt to glue the denture with any kind of glue, even as a temporary measure, as we may not be able to repair it if you do this.

·        It’s is very easy to cut or pinch the soft parts of your mouth if you continue to wear a broken denture, and choking could also be a risk, so it’s best to leave it out, and get it repaired.

 How do I get my denture repaired?

·        Please contact us at: 093 60333 for advice and to book in a denture repair.

·        When you bring your denture to be repaired, please check in at the main reception on the ground floor of the practice.

·        Abbeytrinity Dental Lab is open Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. We need to receive repairs before 4pm to have them completed on the same day due to the time involved in curing the acrylic resin. 

·        The Dental Lab is located on the first floor of the practice, where there is a discreet waiting area, away from the busy main reception of the practice.

·        Repairs cost from €65, and our dental technician, will give you a tailored quote once they has examined your denture.

·        Full Medical card holders may be entitled to have their denture repair covered by the HSE, please enquire at reception if you think this may apply to you.

·        Should your denture problem require the advice of a dentist, it’s all possible here under one roof.

Full Medical Card holders, and those with PRSI entitlements are eligible for an annual Dental Health Check. 

Even if you wear complete or partial dentures, it is just as important to have your mouth, teeth and dentures checked at least once a year, as you can still develop oral health problems that we routinely screen for.  (Mouth cancer is one of the more serious ones. Early detection of these problems is vital to your good health.